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Description Hatchlands Park, while having had several owners over the centuries, is now home to the Cobbe Collection. Best known as an important collection of historical keyboard instruments associated with famous composers, the collections at Hatchlands Park also encompass paintings, sheet music, composer portrait prints and the “Cobbe Cabinet of Curiosities”.

The over 40 keyboard instruments of the Cobbe Collection includes one of the world's largest groups of composer-related instruments. These are on display across the six rooms that are seasonally open to the public, and date from between 1622 and approximately 1880. The collection includes pianos, clavichords, harpsichords, an organ, and a virginals. 18 of these were owned or played by composers including Purcell, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, J. C. Bach, Bizet, Mahler, Chopin and Elgar while others are notable for scarcity, such as its Ruckers harpsichord; one of only two surviving Ferdinand Weber pianos; and one of only three surviving Graf pianos with quadruple stringing Other instruments displayed at Hatchlands Park include two harps, by Egan and Meyer respectively.

The National Trust owns one instrument at Hatchlands Park, the 1904 J. W. Walker & Sons organ that sits in the Music Room. The organ was commissioned by Lord Rendel, who also commissioned the building of the Music Room to the designs of Sir Reginald Blomfield.

The collection of sheet music at Hatchlands Park relates closely to the instrument collection. While a small portion is the historic collection of the Cobbe family, the majority was purchased by Alec Cobbe. The historic family collection includes manuscript volumes formerly owned by Frances Conway and Lady Betty Cobbe, the latter containing a likely Tenducci autograph work.

In the main body of the collection, keyboard music predominates, including instrumental methods, although the collection also includes harp music, vocal music, chamber music, and full scores of larger works. While the earliest items date from the sixteenth century, the majority of the collection is late-eighteenth or early- to mid-nineteenth-century. Representative composers include J. C. Bach, Mozart, Haydn and Dussek. Notable or illustrative items include a first edition of J. C. Bach's Six concerti op. 1 (1763); a first edition vocal score of Don Giovanni (1793); Édouard Jue's Meloplaste (1824); J. B. Logier's Compagnon du chiroplaste, ou Méthode de piano (1828?); and a first edition of St. Matthew Passion (1830). Some items were purchased for their familial connections, such as Edward Bunting's A general collection of the ancient music of Ireland, which contains the tune “Carolan's concerto” (otherwise known as "Mrs. Power", or "Fanny Power", named for Frances Trench, née Power (1716-1793), the mother of Anne Power Cobbe (1756-1835)); and Amédée Méreaux's Variations op. 5, dedicated to Azélie Cobbe (1813?-1888).

The collection also includes a small number of manuscripts, including eight fugues by W. F. Bach; a book of opera arias associated with Marie Antoinette; and a Mahler autograph manuscript, purchased from the composer's granddaughter at the same time as the composer's Graf piano. A small collection of letters includes those by Clara Schumann, Ignaz Moscheles and Louis Spohr.

Music-related paintings within the Cobbe art collection are a portrait of J. S. Bach, and an “Imaginary self-portrait” (the subject seated at a piano), both by Alec Cobbe himself; a lady playing a viola da gamba, by Caspar Netscher; and Elizabeth Eleanor Mary Williams, later Mrs. Charles Stanhope-Jones (1814-), seated playing a Welsh harp.

The Cobbe Cabinet of Curiosities, a cabinet collection begun by the Cobbe family in Ireland around 1750, contains a small number of items relating to music, most notably a lock of Mozart's hair, and a pair of Beethoven's eyeglasses. There are also two early- to mid-nineteenth-century guitars.

Select instruments and artworks are listed on, with a fuller listing on, where recordings of the instruments may be heard. The artworks may also be viewed on The printed and manuscript music collections are catalogued.

For further reading on the collections at Hatchlands Park, see:

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